Hello, my name is Jan, I'm a self-taught coder, designer and music lover!
On this personal space you can find Github work examples, a managed Bandcamp Top 500 chart list and little more information. I am also available for hire.

If you want to get in touch, leave a message.

In case you like my Open Source software you can contribute with code at my Github pages at Github. Also you can provide financial support using PayPal.me: https://paypal.me/dwroxnet.



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Firefox and Opera (and Chrome) addon to quickly view direct image links in Google Image Search.

Add-on listings and download:
Firefox |  Opera |  Chrome


Allows styling with css like markup of a canvas driven bookpage layout engine. A live demo can be found here.


A grid based approach to layout web pages inside the browser. Live playground.
Please read the help by pressing 'i' key which displays more detailed information on how to use this tool.


javascript based pi number analyze tool for finding similarities and such, demo here


super quick way to manage storages and inventories.


xml/wikipedia dump parser written in C


advanced conway game of life simulator written in C


A HTML5 moonlander version writte for a coding competition at @ NGB.to: Play online..
Use WAD or Arrow keys to control the boosters. Press Space to start or restart the game.

Kisslib / KissEbook

kiss principle ebook quick launcher for Linux


C lang markdown to html parser and converter - very basic markdown support

Flag Cookies browser add-on

A cookie manager allowing to manage explicitly domain cookies, also third-party cookies for domain and subdomain. Providing several modes to manage cookies and keeping a cookie profile, while being logged in in a website.

Add-on listings and download: Firefox |  Opera

Flag Cookies documentation and help

Flag Cookies at Github

Screenshot of Flag Cookies

You like my Open Source software? You can contribute at Github or by providing financial support using PayPal.me at https://paypal.me/dwroxnet.